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12 Dec


This may be one of the all time saddest stories that I have encountered in my hotel career.

Upon arriving at the hotel each day I would always walk to the restaurant to serve myself a cup of coffee.

On this particular day as I reached the threshold of the door of the restaurant, the restaurant manager saw me coming in.  It was 5:30am and the restaurant was empty and Mary Anne shouted that I should go to my office and that she would bring me my coffee.  She began to move quickly to the kitchen and I “shouted” back that she should not run and I thanked her. 

I arrived at my office and several minutes later Mary Anne arrived with a tray and pitcher of coffee.   She was out of breath and I stopped her, thanking her for the assistance and told her that she never needed to run for me or anyone else and that I wish she wouldn’t.  She assured me she understood and then exited my office in the same manner she entered…. quickly.

I can’t be sure how many minutes passed, my office was down the hall from the PBX operator and I suddenly heard the operator frantically shouting Code Red in the dining area to the security department.  I quickly finished up my call and sprinted out to the restaurant.  In the distance I could see the security director in what seemed to be frozen state, in the middle of the dining room floor (still no one else in the restaurant) and I ran up to him and asked him what was wrong.

He could barely move and pointed to the far side of the restaurant.  Mary Anne had fallen back into a chair and was not moving.  I later learned that the security director was a good friend of hers and at first glance went into shock.   Mary Anne had had a heart condition and her heart failed.  We did all that we could to revive her but to no avail.  She passed away right there beside us. 

My life had been deeply effected by this tragedy and remember wondering, time and again to myself whether there was anything that I could have done differently that morning that would have effected this horrible fate.  Sadly I don’t believe there was.  Mary Anne was a wonderful women who I miss and think of till this day.  May she rest in peace.