30 Nov

computer 2

This may be one of the older hotel scams in the books…. but for any of you that may not be aware it is still widely used…..

Usually the culprit is someone in a hotel Sales Department that has password clearence allowing them to enter new Travel Agents and their IATA numbers into the Property Management System (PMS).  Of course once that task is accomplished, any reservation that has that simple IATA number punched into the appropriate data field automatically creates a commission check.  It is usually pretty easy to go into most PMS systems, after a reservation has been made, and add an IATA number to an existing reservation.

The thief will formely create a company and use it to apply for travel agent credentials.  An IATA number is issued to the company.  Also, easy to do.

Commission checks are cut either in the properrties accounting department or by and indepenent service and a  typical hotel will produce hundreds of these checks each month.  This of course makes it harder to detect a “phony” agent.

The checks just start rolling in!  Usually not in big enough amounts to stand out.  But over years they can add up.

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