29 Nov

Bride, groom and wedding party take penthouse floor of newly renovated hotel in Fort Lauderdale.

While getting dressed for the big event groom needs a place to hang his tuxedo jacket and  spots the closed-loop fire heat detector on the ceiling and hooks the hanger through the closed-head loop, breaking the glass and setting off the alarm and sprinkler system in a number of surrounding rooms.

Hotel staff do there best to clean up flooding, limit the damage and assist everyone in the wedding party in surrounding rooms to prepare for the event.  Water damage requires professional help and is fairly extensive.  Wedding goes as planned.

Bride and groom refuse to pay room rental for the stay and provide the hotel with the dry cleaning bills for all clothing that were damaged by water sprinkler.   Meanwhile the hotel is trying to determine the full cost of damages and whether to bill the bride and groom for the clean up.  What would you have done?!

Hotel decided to take there lumps and not charge for the clean up, but refused to pay for the dry cleaning.

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