27 Nov

The Hollywood Beach Holiday Inn Sunspree, Florida (now a Trump Plaza Condominium) used a large independent valet service and the valet managers name was Murray.  Murray had been on the property for over 5 years.

Upon checking metrics and getting a feel for the place by interviewing staff the Front Desk Manager let on that she felt something funny was going on with valet income.  Revenues were down over the years and she could not see the reason for this.  She felt something shady was going on.

The resort was big into pre and post cruise business.  Often a guest would arrive with a car and leave for a short cruise for a number of days and then they would check back in to spend a few days before departing.

Upon close study, a trend was seen.  Cars checking in with the valet for pre cruise guests would suddenly disappear for a number of days while guests left for their cruises and then re-appear when guest checked back in after the cruise.  Where were the cars going?

Murray had an arrangement with the parking lot attendant next door to park cars when he needed too.  He would tell the guest when leaving that instead of the $15 a night charge he could park their car for $8 in the adjacent parking lot.  They would leave for 4 to 6 days and save $42.  Murray would pocket $48!

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