27 Nov

As a consultant one of my small peeves is when a Controller didn’t count and control all cash drawers over a set time period of one day!  I had encountered several execs dismissing the practice telling me that when they worked for Hilton they didn’t require that to be done that way.

This Miami Hotel provided per diem payouts to foreign airline crew where money would be wired in to be distributed to those checking in.  Because of this, our front desk agent cash banks were higher than normal; some as high at $8k to $12k each.

Upon winning this small battle “of counting”, each front desk agent came to the secured area with the Front Desk Manager and a member of the accounting department.  Upon finding out that this new rule was in place one of the front desk agents suddenly stated that he was ill and had to leave right away.  He was asked to stay just while his bank was being counted and he suddenly disappeared.  The lock box was drilled in front of the witnesses to find it empty.

The next day it was learned that he and another agent had been using there cash for personal use and when cash was being counted in the past one would simply hand off cash to the other to cover the shortage!

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